Biosensors/Electrode stencils from Zimmer and Peacock

At Zimmer and Peacock we are an ISO13485 contract manufacturer of electrochemical biosensors and in-vitro diagnostics. As part of services to our clients and collaborators we provide a range of services and products including screen printing of electrodes. 


At ZP we have off the shelf screen printed electrodes and we make custom screen printed electrodes, but we also take a pragmatic view on small volume prototyping. For small scale manufacturing we suggest rather than investing money and time into having customized screen printing services we encourage people to hand paint their electrodes


For those who want a more professional finish of electrodes we can supply stencils in addition to the biosensor and electrode paints.


ZP can custom fabricate a stencil, through which the scientist/engineer can paint our paints and inks onto a suitable such as PET, see below.

Click image for paints and inks

Stencils for low volume sensor manufacturing

ZP will create a repeat of your sensor in a 100 mm x 100 mm sheet

ZP Custom stencil array - one design repeated

5 identical sheets 

180,00 €

  • Available
  • Generally ships within 3-4 weeks

5 x PET sheets

100 mm x 100 mm x 0.25 mm

50,00 €

  • Available
  • Generally ships within 3-4 weeks