Calculating the cost of a first screen printing run

On the page below we discuss the process to obtaining custom screen printed electrodes from Zimmer and Peacock. We also link to our lowest cost page where we can rebrand ZP Hypervalue electrodes.

Process for a fist run of customized electrodes from ZP

This page is designed to help you calculate the price for a first custom screen printing run at Zimmer and Peacock.


When you first have a batch of screen printed electrodes manufactured you have the non-recurring engineering charge (NRE).


The NRE is the one off costs of making the screens so we can print your electrodes, and the cost of the engineers to convert your designs into screens.


After the NRE is the cost of making the electrodes themselves. Please watch the video where we explain how to calculate the cost of a first run of screen printed electrodes at ZP.


Below we have six  buttons:


1) The cost of screens

2) The cost of engineering time

3) The cost to print on PET

4) The cost to print on ceramic

5) Our standard value electrode format

6) Our standard hyper value electrode format

Zimmer and Peacock offers free eLearning Modules relating to electrochemistry, screen printed electrodes and biosensing on the ZP Academy, click below.