4 mm diameter carbon working electrode from ZP

In this note we discuss ZP's current Hyper Value electrode with a rectangular working electrode, and we discuss a proposed variant with a 4 mm diameter circular electrode.


At Zimmer and Peacock we are biased and so of course we are big fans of our ZP Hyper Value Electrodes, which can be seen in the adjacent panel.


At ZP we deliberately make our electrodes rectangular, for the the reason covered in our article 'Hacking the Glucose Sensor'. 

4 mm working electrode configuration

At ZP we have a very different philosophy to many manufacturers of screen printed electrodes, in that at ZP we will do customization work for clients, but we also engage in detailed consultative conversations so that the client can benefit from the decades of biosensor development experience within the ZP team.


From multiple conversations we appreciate that in the research phase of a commercial programme or in academic research then a lot of functionalization of screen printed electrodes is performed using hand pipetting; therefore ZP is next looking to develop our ZP Hyper Value Electrode in  a circular working electrode.


The ZP plan is to fabricate our ZP Hyper Value Carbon Screen Printed Electrodes but with a circular working electrode, see adjacent images.


If you are interested in being a recipient of some of the first 4 mm circular screen printed electrodes please click the adjacent button.