ZP - Self Assembled Monolayer Biosensors Developers' Resource Page

Welcome to ZP's resource page for developer of biosensors who are looking to develop a biosensor on a gold electrode, using self assembled monolayers. 


The principles that summarize the content of this page includes, the electrochemical detection of biologically relevant molecules through the specific binding of an analytes to a surface, where the detection technique is electrochemical. The techniques we promote include: electrochemical  impedance spectroscope (EIS), differential pulse voltammetry (DPV), square wave voltammetry (SWV), chronoamperometry (CA), etc.

In the buttons below we have provided short cuts to material and information on ZP's website that we see as relevant. We also include our contact button, please do contact us as a thirty minute online chat can save you months of effort and get you on the right path to success and commercialization.

How to form a SAM layer.

Recommended potentiostats.

Obtaining a signal.

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The actual experiment  can be quite simple as shown in this illustrative video.