Setting up a wearable sensor

Recently one of our engineers walked a client through the set up of their ecFLEX - a wearable biosensor platform.


In this note we report the guidance that the engineer gave.


STEP ONE - Connect the ecFLEX to the sensor.


STEP TWO -  Connect the battery to the ecflex using the crocodile clips (the black crocodile clip is isolated underneath to avoid shorting) and keep the black crocodile clip on the side near the components.


STEP THREE- Once the ecFLEX is powered download the readout software.

STEP FOUR - Once the readout software is up and running, you have to press scan and find your ecflex listed (Tx should be higher than -127 dBm).



STEP FIVE - You connect to your device by double clicking the name of your device and waiting for the settings to upload (everything will be automatic, you do not need to change anything in the software settings). Once the device is connected, the Tx will show -127 dBm so do not worry:

Lastly one of our engineers put out a super useful video on YouTube, please watch to lean more.