ZP looking for partners - pH microwell system

Zimmer and Peacock is a global leader in contract electrochemical sensor and biosensor development and manufacturing, and this has  generated an interest from our clients for ZP taking our capabilities in sensor manufacturing, hardware manufacturing and software design through to a system for measuring pH in  a microwell format.


In this note we describe the system we have been asked to develop and ask anyone interested in collaborating with us on this to contact us, we are specifically interested in scientists, engineers, etc who are interested in using such a system in their work and research.

What are we proposing to do?

At ZP we are proposing to take our electrochemical pH measuring capabilities and apply it to a microplate format.

What we are proposing to do is manufacture a 96 well plate with  a pH sensor in each well, in addition we will take our existing hardware for measuring pH and scale it so that rather than measuring one pH sensor we will  measure 96 pH sensors in parallel.

Software and the user experience.

At ZP we fully understand that the ease of use comes in part from the software so we want a user interface that is easy and intuitive. We will develop two screens:

  • Screen One - a first screen where the current pH in a well is shown and is colour coded to show whether the conditions are acidic, basic or alkali.
  • Screen Two - a second screen is accessed from Screen One and shows how the pH has changed as a function of time.

We understand that some clients will want ot have temperature control and temperature monitoring, we intend to have temperature monitoring built into the plate. The temperature control will be achieved by ZP designing  plate so that it can still be used within existing microplate temperature chambers.

ZP Partners

Zimmer and Peacock is looking for partners who are interested in being the first beta users, and getting early access to the technology. Please don't hesite to contact us if you have any questions regarding this programme.