Corrosion at Zimmer and Peacock

At Zimmer and Peacock we are 100 % pragmatic and we understand that corrosion is multi-faceted problem, and though we can inhibit corrosion one can never say that corrosion will ever go away.


At Zimmer and Peacock we support our clients and collaborators in three ways:


1) Fundamental Research and Characterization - ZP support the academic and industrial community by the supply and support of the EIS systems from Zahner. 


2) The provision of chemical sensors for corrosion environmental monitoring.


3) The ZP ability to reduce potentiostat systems down to low cost potentiostats.

The chemical sensors from Zimmer and Peacock suitable for corrosion environmental monitoring includes:

Once we you have fully characterized your corrosion system on a Zahner potentiostat ZP can take your assay and translate it onto flexible low cost flexible system