Newsletter December 29

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Happy Holidays from Zimmer and Peacock


Thank you to our fantastic clients and our fantastic team have a Happy Holiday!

Measuring conductivity with a ZP spiral electrode


At Zimmer and Peacock we spend as much time testing of our electrodes and sensors as we do manufacturing our electrodes and sensors. In this image we demonstrate that the spiral electrode has utility as a conductivity sensor when used in conjunction with the Ana Pot 4X.

Measuring conductivity in a flow cell


At Zimmer and Peacock we are asked to provide systems to measure conductivity in a flow cell.


We advise to that in order to do this you need the following elements:


1) Ana Pot 4X.


2) Flow Cell.


3) Electrodes.


4) Pump.


We have linked to the elements on our website, but please contact Zimmer and Peacock so we can help to configure a system for you.

Resources for Sensor and Biosensor Developers


On our website we have linked to information and products for people wishing to understand, develop or manufacture biosensor, sensor and medical diagnostic technologies.