Detecting NO on the breath

At ZP we know that is it one thing to have a sensor, but though the sensor is at the heart of many medical diagnostic technologies, there is often an entire device around the sensor in order to collect and prepare the sample for final analysis.


In the adjacent image we have shown how the ZP NO (nitric oxide) electrochemical sensor fits into the overall workflow of NO on the breath to a final measurement of NO on a point-of-care device.  The simplified workflow is:


1) Exhalation of the patients breath.


2) Condensation of the patients breath.


3) Chemical reaction within the EBC (exhaled breath condensate)


4) Final measurement on the sample.


Every stage of the workflow has to be reproducible in order to make a clinical assessment on the patient.

There are two ways of working with ZP: 


  • ONE - Work with ZP as your contract developer and manufacturer..
  • TWO - Adopt the biosensors developers kit from ZP and tap into ZP's expertise in biosensor development and manufacturing.