Why so many electrode geometries from Zimmer and Peacock?

We are often asked why we have so many geometries of electrodes in our standard product line.


The answer is we are trying to make it as quick and efficient for our customers to find a electrode geometry that works best in their application.


To find the ideal electrode geometry and material for you then please talk to the scientists and engineers at Zimmer and Peacock, but below we have listed some questions we may ask:


1) How are you going to add the sample to the electrodes, dipping the electrodes, pipetting onto the electrode or flowing onto the electrode?

2) Are you interested in having a planar diffusion to your electrode or edge effects, if you are not sure please contact us?

3) Are you trying to functionalize the electrodes?

4) Are you interested in understanding the size effect of your electrodes?

5) Are you interested in coating the working electrode but not the counter electrode? 

6) Tell us about the application so we can recommend materials and geometries?


There are lots of ways of finding the answers to your questions at Zimmer and Peacock including contacting us, please click the buttons below to explore our website.