Shenchen Pumps - Good pumps

ZP is an ISO contract developer and manufacturer of medical diagnostics. 



Part of what makes us unique is that we are often the biggest user of  the products we develop and/or sell, for example In the adjacent image you can see a peristaltic pump used in conjunction with a flow cell.


To find out about ZP  flow cells and pumps from ZP please read below.

Zimmer and Peacock are distributors for the Baoding Schenchen Precision Pump Co Ltd.  The product range includes over 50 pump models : peristaltic pumps, syringe  pumps, gear pumps and filling systems.


Markets that are addressed by  the product range includes: Waste and Water, Mining and Metallurgy, Food and Beverage, Biopharmaceuticals and Analytical Instruments.



Shenchen Good-Pump V series manual
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