Sensors are a critical part of a number of Social and Commercial Revolutions, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Web and the growth of the In-vitro Diagnostics Market (IVD).  

At Zimmer and Peacock, we are partnering with academia and industry to ensure that there are enough good and commercially available sensors to meet the requirements of these new and growing markets.  As part of this Zimmer and Peacock provides a range of products and services including: sensors, the necessary hardware, and customer specific Android and iOS applications, and scalable manufacturing.   Part of the remit at Zimmer and Peacock is to innovate around our collaborators inventions and to help bring ideas to market.

Zimmer and Peacock accelerate the sensor development effort through our standard products or a combination of our standard products and services.

At ZP we are an industrial team of engineers and scientists and so we have always have the filter of priority on, what this means is that we do work based on priority within the constraints of the resource budget.  In this video we run though the priority, defining the question, answering the question and reporting the answer to stakeholders.