AnaPot EIS is a super flexible USB powered mini electrochemical workstation with galvanostatic, potentiostatic, and electrochemical impedance modes of operations, and is compatible with all of Zimmer and Peacock's sensors, which includes bare sensors and biosensors - click here.


ZP offers free courses on the ZP Academy for those wishing to understand electrochemistry and electrochemical techniques for biosensor developers. Click the image below.

ZP10000446 - Ana Pot 4X - EIS

An Ana Pot potentiostat wtih EIS functionality

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Ana Fleuve EIS Electro-analytical Techniques

Name Frequency AC - amplitude Voltage
Ana Pot EIS 4Ax 10 microHz to 1 megaHz 1 mV to 0.25 V (rms) 10 V

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