PECC Cells - Zahner photo-electrochemical cells

See below for details and a table of specifications on the PECC-1 and PECC-2 cells from Zahner.

PECC-2 is a photo-electrochemical cell with a transparent window at the front, and is opaque at the back of the cell.


  • Light in from the front only.
  • Comes with Ag/AgCl reference electrode.
  • Comes with Pt counter electrode.
  • Comes with cable set compatible with Zahner instruments.

Specifications PECC-2
Physical dimensions (W x D x H)  60 x 25 x 80 mm
Optical window material BK7 or Quartz
Sample diameter max. 18 mm 
Electrolyte volume 7.2 cm³ 
Light path length in electrolyte 18 mm 
Solid material Kel-F (PCTFE)
Reference electrode Ag/AgCl
Counter electrode Pt coil
Working electrode Solid and transparent
Gas inlet/outlet Yes    2022