Zimmer and Peacock online sensor and biosensor course

The contents of this page is an online version of the ZP sensor and biosensor workshops, please contact us if you want to attend in person.

This course is a mixture of technical presentations and hands-on practicals.

SESSION ONE - Introduction.


This presentation is a quick introduction to ZP and the presenter and is intended just to set the stage for the rest of the workshop.

Zimmer and Peacock Biosensor Course Intr
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SESSION TWO - Introduction to electrochemical sensors through the example of a chilli sensor


An introduction of an electrochemical sensor through a real-world example, and you will perform cyclic voltammetry of chilli sauce and run a ChilliPot - Scoville Meter.

Zimmer and Peacock Chilli Presentationve
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SESSION THREE - Introduction to the biosensor market


In this presentation we discuss the biosensor market.

Zimmer and Peacock Biosensor Markertver1
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SESSION FOUR- Introduction to amperometric oxygen sensors


In this presentation we use the oxygen sensor as a way of introducing amperometry, you will run some experiments using the oxygen sensor.

Zimmer and Peacock OxygenPresentationver
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SESSION FIVE - Introduction to enzymatic amperometric biosensors through glucose and lactate.


In this presentation we introduce enzymatic amperometric biosensors through glucose and lactate detection. You will run a series of experiments using the glucose sensor.

Zimmer and Peacock Glucose and Lactate P
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SESSION SIX - Introduction to potentiometric sensors through potassium, sodium and pH sensors


In this presentation we introduce potentiometric sensors, through pH, potassium and sodium sensors, with hands-on experiments of the sodium and potassium sensors.

Zimmer and Peacock potassium Presentatio
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SESSION EIGHT - Develop your own assay.


In this presentation we let you lose to develop your assay, we use coffee as an example.

ZP - Assay for coffee.pdf
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SESSION NINE - Introduction to a wearable glucose, lactate and pH sensor, including practical session


In this presentation and practical we will introduce and run wearable hardware for measuring glucose, lactate and pH.



We summarise the day.

Zimmer and Peacock Biosensor Course Summ
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