Reference electrodes

Zimmer and Peacock take care to ensure that every aspect of the sensors is perfect, including the reference electrode.  


We are are able to test our reference electrodes against the theory and ensure we are in excellent agreement with what we would expect.

In the adjacent image we have performed multiple day tests to understand our reference electrode and we use that knowledge to help our customers and collaborators achieve success when using our sensors.

In the adjacent image Zimmer and Peacock have studied nine reference electrodes in parallel within the same solution over the course of 40-days.  The materials of construction ranged from: silver, palladium, silver chloride  and a combination of these materials.  Our intention was to see what were the differences between the reference electrode materials in terms of absolute potential, but also the relative stabilities of the reference electrodes.

Temperature was also tracked to ensure that temperature was held relativity stable during the study.

In the adjacent image Zimmer and Peacock have characterized the reference potential of their sensors relative to the ink/paste that that they have used to fabricate the sensor.


Click here for the datasheet for Zimmer and Peacock sensors.    2022