Zahner Zennium Pro - Potentiostat and EIS for Corrosion Studies

Below we describe an enquiry to Zimmer and Peacock and the response that the Zennium Pro was able to meet their corrosion study requirements.


ENQUIRY - A client of Zimmer and Peacock's wished to perform some corrosion studies, there enquiry to Zimmer and Peacock was ...'in our tests, we need to measure corrosion rate, IR drops in the cell and perform  impedance analysis. Therefore, we would like to have a potentiostat which is equipped with software for calculating the corrosion rate after our LPR or CV tests. Also, it will  be desirable if the potentiostat can monitor the resistance of the cell (i.e. applying an AC signal) during our electrochemistry tests.


We have been recommended of your products: Zennium-Pro. Can I ask whether this potentiostat is suitable for us?..



ANSWER - The client was correct that the Zennium-Pro was the ideal potentiostat for their corrosion studies as it was both a potentiostat and an EIS, with software for calculation their corrossion rates, and the could measure cell resistance during the experiment.    2021