Developers Kit - SenseItAll (SIA) with 100 ammonium sensors

ZP is an ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of electrochemical biosensor technologies. Our business model is to work with entrepreneurs, businesses, academics and developers to enable their products, ideas and applications.


On this page we discuss our Cloud Enabled SIA solution with ammonium sensors

Ammonium SenseItAll Developer Kit

Potassium SenseItAll Kit includes:

  • SenseItAll Instrument (ZP1001451)
  • SenseItAll mobile App
  • Pack of 100 ammonium sensors (ZPS NH4-000-00076)
  • SenseItAll Ammonium Solution Pack (ZP1001690)
  • A complimentary 12 month license to Djuli.

7.299,00 €

  • Available
  • Generally ships within 3-4 weeks