ZP Point of Need/IVD Workshop


Attendees can expect to:


1) Discuss and details on immunosensors/antibody/MIPS/aptamer sensors.


2) Detailed discussion on current commercial IVDs technologies.


3) Detailed discussion on manufacturing IVDs.


4) Detailed discussion on commercializing IVDs.


5) Construct an electrochemical glucose sensor/equivalent sensor.


6) Test their continuous monitoring glucose sensor//equivalent sensor.


7) Construct a continuous monitoring oxygen sensor/equivalent sensor..


8) Test their continuous monitoring oxygen sensor/equivalent sensor..


9) Test a continuous monitoring lactate sensor/equivalent sensor.


10) Test a continuous ketone sensor/equivalent sensor.


11) Test a continuous purine sensor/equivalent sensor.


12) Test a continuous cortisol sensor/equivalent sensor.


13) Lean the theory of electrochemical sensors.


14) Analytical techniques that are covered and practical held on includes: cyclic voltammetry,  oxidate chronoamperometry, reductive chronoamperometry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.


15) All attendees will receive a certificate at the end.

Date: 5 and 6 December 2023

Location: Horten Norway

2 day IVD workshop Horten Norway

2.500,00 €

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