Single purpose biosensor circuit

This kit is a starter pack that includes a ZP's single-purpose biosensor board, an adapter. and an FTDI-USB cable for communicating with the biosensor board. It's a great way to set up your system quickly. Additionally, the biosensor board can be easily removed from the adapter, allowing you to use another sensor-specific biosensor board if needed on the same adapter.


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FTDI to USB cable

FTDI to USB cable that allows to get a readout from the Biosensor Board.

SKU: ZP6001613

Other configurations also possible, please contact Support

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Adapter for Single Purpose Biosensor Circuit

This adapter is specifically designed for ZP's single purpose biosensor board. The adapter simplifies the pin arrangement for a better interaction with the Biosensor Board. In includes a header for FTDI to USB connection, headers for sensors as well as debugging pins. 

SKU: ZP5001526

150,00 €

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  • Generally ships within 3-4 weeks