ZP Newsletter November 2022 Bitesize videos

In this news letter we have tried to condense updates from ZP and news from the world of biosensing and IVD into one page.


Djuli - Cloud Computing

On this page we have embedded some videos for Djuli. Djuli is a Cloud database from ZP for the uploading, storage, analysis and sharing for biosensor, sensor and electroanalytical data. The videos below cover both Djuli at a high level, but also some of the very specific functionality, such as the Universal Data Converter, which can take data from third party instruments and convert it into xlsx, txt and csv files. Djuli 


Wearable Biosensors and Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Zimmer and Peacock is a world leading contract developer and manufacturer of wearable electrochemical biosensors, including continuous glucose monitoring, in the video we discuss our platform for generating a minimally viable product (MVP).


Electrochemical In-vitro Diagnostics

Below we discuss a platform for rapidly developing an electrochemical assay MVP and the cost to bring an IVDs to market.


Food analysis

ZP has taken the concepts of rapid diagnostic testing to the world of food testing, through our FoodSense platform.