Generation One, Two and Three Glucose Sensors

ZP is a leading ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of electrochemical biosensors and IVDs; as part of our suite of technologies we have a number of glucose sensors and formulations including form factors suitable for CGM and glucose strip applications.


In the adjacent image we illustrate the current three generations of electrochemical glucose biosensing technology:


1) Generation One - In a Generation One Glucose Sensor the enzyme is generally mediated by its natural co-factor, for example oxygen. Generation One as the name suggests was the first glucose sensing technology.


2) Generation Two -  In a Generation Two Glucose Sensor the enzyme is mediated by a redox molecule that is not necessarily its natural co-factor. These molecules are often organo-metallic in nature. A majority of glucose strips at the time of writing are Generation Two technologies


3) Generation Three - In a Generation Three Glucose Sensor the enzyme is able to perform an electron transfer directly with the electrode. At the time of writing there are no Generation Three Glucose Sensors on the market. This maybe in part because though the technology may offer an interesting Intellectual Property position, it's technical advantage in a glucose strip application relative to a Generation Two sensor are limited.