Ammonium Sensors for Ammonium Fertilisers

At the time of writing there is an issue in the global supply chains, including the fertilizer supply chain. For example in the UK, Nitram manufactured by CF Fertilisers is in short supply due to the cost of natural gas. The short supply of natural gas and therefore its cost has made it uneconomical to produce ammonia in the UK at the moment. 


The concern is that the rising costs of fertilizers such as Nitram (Ammonium Nitrate) means that farmer can no longer afford to apply the fertilizer to the fields and so agriculture yield will decrease. On a global perspective it is estimated that we are able to feed an extra 4 billion people on the planet due to modern fertilizers and intensive agriculture.  Now and going forward we will need to rationalise our use of fertilizers, essentially doing more with less, this is called Precision Agriculture.


At ZP we have the core technologies for measuring soil nutrients in the soil and therefore allowing an informed use of fertilisers, including ammonium nitrate based fertilizers.