ZP @ Integrated Pest Management

ZP will be presenting on Biosensors in Precision Agriculture and Horticulture at 4 PM on the 12 September 2022, at the Taliesin Arts Centre Swansea University.

ZP is the World's leading ISO13485 contract development and manufacturing company of electrochemical biosensor, providing development and manufacturing services to our clients.


As part of this ZP has a deep experience in AgriTech, AquaTech and EnviroTech; therefore we are delighted to be exhibiting and presenting atthe New IPM.



12th-14th September 2022, Swansea University, Wales, UK

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is undergoing a rapid change as modern technologies, such as electronic sensors, robotic crop inspectors and drones, are becoming normalised in crop production both in protected and arable settings.


The New IPM conference is a bringing together of everybody involved in the agribusiness chain, to present and discuss new innovations and how they are being implemented in crop protection.


It is a unique event that brings together industrialists and leading researchers to share approaches and experiences in this strategic domain. Sessions will cover: 


IPM- Challenges and Solutions

IPM- New Products and Strategies

Botanicals, Semiochemicals, Pest Monitoring, Orchard & Field Crop IPM

Microbial BCAs

Remote Sensing and UAVs

Registration and Future of Macrobials

Computational Science Applications to Pest Management

Multifunctional Microbes - Endophytes, growth/resilience stimulants


Decision Making and Longterm Planning for Successful IPM

Following the symposium there will be a free Collaborative R&D Funding Support Networking Day on Wednesday 14th September 2022. Organised by Swansea University’s Research and Innovation Services and supported by SCoRE Cymru, this free networking session will offer an opportunity for Welsh industry and academia to network with international partners.


The focus will be funding opportunities from UK and EU sources, in particular Horizon Europe Cluster 6 (Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and environment) and related calls around plant health, resilient infrastructure and low risk pesticides.


The conference will be an opportunity for researchers, technologists and end users to hear from others working in the field and to exchange ideas. The networking event is free and open to all.