Glucose to API

Glucose to API is the technology stack for developers, businesses and entrepreneurs for going from an idea to a prototype minimally viable product.


The Sensor to API is a generic productization platform from ZP, but on this page we focus specifically in on glucose as the molecule of interest, this allows developers to works on a range of samples and applications, including: blood, urine,  bodily fluids diabetes, human health, veterinary, food, biotech etc. 


Glucose to API is a very short phrase with a very powerful meaning, as it means whether your idea is to detect glucose in saliva or glucose in blood etc, the glucose to API solution from ZP is your starting point.

ZPS GLU-000-00057 - Glucose sensor Gen 2

Glucose sensors for applications where the sensor is disposable or where continuous measurement is required. 

200,00 €
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  • Generally ships within 3-4 weeks
12 month subscription Djulu

A 12 month subscription to Djuli

1.188,00 €
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ZP Biosensor Rinse Solution

This solution is for rinsing sensors between testing and for storage.


100,00 €

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MiniOmniSense meter- note phone not included

500,00 €
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Glucose calibration solution kit - ZPCH100000-00215

The product allows you to test your glucose sensors. 

The kit contains different concentration of Glucose: 0 mM, 2 mM, 4 mM, 6 mM, 8 mM, 10 mM, 12 mM, 14 mM, 16 mM, 18 mM, 20 mM.

Each glucose concentration is provided in a 10 ml volume.

340,00 €
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