Multi-analyte water and gas testing

ZP has an infield sensor platform for bringing sensors data from the field to the Cloud.


The stack of technologies that we have at ZP are the sensors, both gas and liquid phase, the electronics to read the sensors, and connectivity via protocols such as WiFi and LoraWAN to bring the data to our proprietary database Djuli, and then from Djuli the data can be called upon by others into their Cloud service via an Application Programme Interface (API).


An example endpoint  for the sensor data would be a Geographical Information System (GIS) Cloud System, where  the sensor data is stored, retrieved, managed, displayed and analysed in the GIS Cloud. These GIS systems are now being used in: AgriTech, AquaTech, Land Management, Municipal Management etc.

The ZP sensor technologies that are deployed and the use of the sensor data is very specific to the application of interest and the business model of the ZP collaborator, but the technology can be used for sensing many concerns from odour detection, in the gas phase,  to water quality monitoring in the liquid phase.  If the chemical and biochemical data needs to be augmented with other sensing modalities including flow, temperature, pressure etc, then this can also happen.


For water quality monitoring the analytes that can be monitored includes: heavy metals (zinc, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, copper), noble metal detection (silver, gold) and active pharmaceutical ingredients.