Visiting Academics Policy at ZP

Zimmer and Peacock has a very inclusive culture, and this extends to our academic colleagues around the globe.  ZP is often asked whether we can host visiting academics and so we have summarised our policy here:


1) We will consider hosting an academic at our facilities, we may require two references.

2) ZP is limited by immigration law:

  • We can't pay for or subsidise travel.
  • We can't pay for or subsidise accommodation.
  • We can't pay for or subsidise living expenses.

3) ZP can't be directly  involved in the organizing of a visas, we can provide a letter of support, but we can't incur high administration time in organizing visas.

4) ZP will assign technical work that is mutually interesting to the visitor and ZP, and is inline with the skills of the academic.

Do know that ZP has a unique culture and we hope you will apply.