Sitges Workshop

Conference Biosensors Workshop

Come join Zimmer & Peacock in an interactive and informative ZP Biosensor workshop which will be held on the 22nd May from 2pm-5pm at Meliá Sitges Hotel Congress Centre in Sitges, Spain!


The ZP Biosensor workshop is a must for anyone interested in biosensor research, development and manufacturing, where electrochemical sensing is the sensing modality. 


The workshop is a mix of lecture and hands on demonstrations. The lecture material is firmly anchored in practical implementation and for every taught segment there is a practical demonstration or delegate practical.


The workshop also references real world products so that the attendees can see what has worked in the market.



What's included in the workshop is:


• Brief Introduction to electrochemistry

• Introduction and live demonstration of electrochemical techniques including: cyclic voltammetry, amperometry, potentiometry and impedance spectroscopy

• Introduction to biosensors: 

• Case study of taking a biosensor to market

• Practical - Hands on testing of glucose sensor and other sensor: chilli sensing, glucose sensing, pH sensing.