BES 2022 Conference Day 1

 At Zimmer & Peacock, we aim to collaborate with and understand upcoming research from the brightest minds in the field of bioelectrochemistry, resulting in us travelling to Belgium for an academic conference held at the University of Antwerp, where they were hosting  the XXVII International symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics starting from  April 3 until 7, 2022.











Figure 1: An Interesting Surprise when Walking Through Brussels Airport


 The conference began with the Opening Ceremony, which hosted in the beautiful University of Antwerp, as shown in figure 3. During the Opening Cermony it was  discussed the importance of holding a conference on all the various aspects of bioelectrochemistry, to disseminate the new knowledge within bioelectrochemistry and to promote exchanges on recent findings and collaborations. The ceremony also provided a brief outlook on to the programme plan for the week, consisting of a wide range of scientific content along with the promise of a social program and a conference dinner, guaranteeing a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the event.















 Figure 2: Arriving in the Beautiful Antwerp Central Station




                   Figure 3: University of Antwerp                                  Figure 4: Interesting lecture from Erwin Reisner from University of Cambridge about Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis with biocatalysts

 There was an evening reception where many lecturers, professors and students wandered over to our exhibition stand and were intrigued by our compelling hyper value carbon sensors and our electrochemical data storage solution, known as Djuli. To finish off the evening, we were treated with hors d’oeuvres and champagne, celebrating the end of a first successful day at the BES 2022 conference.