ZP Company Meeting April 2022 - Hackathon

Welcome to the ZP Company Meeting Hackathon 2022. The Hackathon entries will require a 15 minute pitch upon which we will have a popular vote, so everyone will be able to vote.


The final winner  decision will be made by the judges, but who are heavily influenced by the popular vote.  The winner will be given a toggl code and the ability to work upon their idea using the resources of the company; of course this competition is only open to ZP's team :)


As part of the Company Meeting Hackathon we will have an update on progress from our winners from last time.


Entries to the Hackathon are not limited to product ideas, of course as a creative team we tend to focus on products, but some of the most innovate companies, for example Amazon, also focus on internal processes to help with overall company efficiency - so don't be constrained in the good ideas we want you to bring to the Hackathon.


Please submit your ideas by the end of the morning of the 7 April 2022.