Trouble Shooting ZP's ISE OEM board

Here is a check list to follow when troubleshooting the ZP ISE OEM board.



1) Please confirm that all the instructions from the website  - click here 

2) Check if they a USB FTDI driver is installed.

3) Check if the COM Port is enumerated

4) Check if the COM Port is not used by any other application


Please send us an image of the following:


1) Test Setup with device, USB, sensor and PC

2) Device manager -> COM port results

3) Serial Monitor Output Messages (e.g., Tera Term)

4) Settings of the serial monitor (for the Tera Term Menu – Setup => Serial Port)

4) Closeup of front and back side of the device with serial number




1) if there is power led glowing when they connect the USB cable.

2) Operating system that you are using Windows 7,8,10, or 11, Mac, or Linux.

3) Try with another PC  

4) Try with another USB cable