Electrochemical Spectroscopy

Electrochemical Spectroscopy is the  replacement of Optical Spectroscopy techniques with their electrochemical equivalent.


Where as in traditional optical spectroscopy photons are generated at different wavelengths which interact with the material under study and the  resulting absorption spectrum is recorded, in Electrochemical Spectroscopy the voltage (potential) is varied and the flowing electrons are recorded as a function of voltage.


Though traditional electrochemists call these techniques voltammetry with prefixes including, differential pulse, square wave and cyclic, these terms obscure the true power of electroanalytical chemistry and so at ZP we refer to these voltametric  techniques as Electrochemical Spectroscopy, as it emphasise the applicability of the techniques outside of just electrochemistry. 

The power of modern Electrochemical Spectroscopy is unlocked by ZP's AI Cloud based platform Dulli, where we can compare tags to the corresponding electrochemical spectrums. Djuli allows Electrochemical Spectroscopy  techniques to be applied into complex real world samples.

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The sensors from ZP upon which Electrochemical Spectroscopy is built are intrinsically a low cost disposable platform.

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