Djuli - GalvanoPlot - GX102

The Djuli compatible GalvanoPlot GX102 is a free give away with Djuli subscriptions.


Operating mode Potentiostat
 Current resolution  0.002% (130 pA on lowest current range)
Maximum current +/- 750 microA
Electrochemical cell compatibility  WE, RE and CE - WE and RE/CE
Connection 3 x 2.54 mm
Number of current ranges 7 and auto-range
Potential accuracy <0.1%
Potential scan range +/- 1.08 V 
Potential resolution  250 microV
PC interface USB-C
Android mobile device interface  USB-C OTG
Power  5  VDC/ 20 mA max
Dimensions (W/H/D) 35 x 15 x 7 mm
Weight of the instrument 4 grams