ZP sponsoring PhD at Warwick Uni - British Neuroscience Association

One of the best ways to join ZP is to study a ZP sponsored PhD. Please consider applying for this ZP sponsored PhD at the University of Warwick, which is very close to ZP's Coventry Hub.


As advertised on the British Neuroscience Association, Zimmer and Peacock will be sponsoring a PhD based around Stroke Research. This offer is open to students studying within the School of Life Sciences at Warwick University and would be a great opportunity for any student looking to pursue a potential career with Zimmer and Peacock after graduating. 


The PhD itself will combine Zimmer and Peacock’s excellence in biosensor development with the research expertise in the biological response to stroke. 

Development of point-of-care devices that are minimally invasive and highly sensitive are greatly improving outcomes for patients. 


This project will involve developing and optimising technical solutions and chart a profile for biomarker release using relevant models of stroke. As well as a deep insight into neurology of the brain and the response to stroke. The candidate will receive training in experimental models of stroke, be exposed to an advanced commercial biotechnology environment and will come to understand the prospect of identifying biomarkers and developing commercially viable diagnostic tools. 


The closing date for applications for any students interested in this opportunity is the 15th of February 2022, with the employment itself beginning on the 3rd of October 2022. 


Learn more and apply online at the British Neuroscience Association: