Client on boarding pay portal

The client onboarding process is described in the button below. It is part of ZP's ISO13485 procedure and is applied to engagements which are more significant or considerations such as Foreground and Background IP are necessary to define.


ZP estimates that the onboarding effort should be 50 to 111 hours, therefore ZP will charge for 111 hours upfront.  If negotiations regarding Framework agreements and project planning are efficient then any of the 111 hours purchased for onboarding that are not consumed will be converted to project efforts where ZP can perform efforts including scientific and engineering work.

Client onboarding with ZP

A 111 hour budget in which ZP will provide a Framework Agreement, plan a body of work to be carried out which is presented in the form of a power point and a Cloud Gantt Chart.

22.000,00 €

  • Available
  • Generally ships within 3-4 weeks