ZP Experimental Demo @ ETADS22

Zimmer and Peacock will be providing live demonstration at ETADS22 from 12 PM to 1 PM IST (India) on Friday 22 January 2022.




Join us in early 2022 for this Three day International E-Conference. For in this year 2021, RTNPRA-21 Completed in successful and it have been the forefront of Natural Products Chemistry and overall chemical applications are focused.


We invite you to join us to discuss the topic of Electro analytical techniques and its applications in sensors and make your contribution to this cutting-edge discussion alongside in this field.


This meeting is for established and early career professors, scientists, post-graduate students and industrial researchers interested in the key aspects of Electro analytical techniques and how they can drive forward many areas of science including the development of sensors. The subject of Electro analytical techniques is one of the most intellectually-attractive and experimentally-demanding frontiers in modern chemical science. The problems of this interdisciplinary field are some of the most fascinating at the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine. The unique format of the ETADS-2022 will allow for in-depth discussions and opportunities to establish new cross-cutting collaborations.


On behalf of our committee, we look forward to welcoming you at the Discussion.


With best regards.,




Prof. V.S. Vasantha

ZP products are available in India through our distributor Technando.