ZP Investing and Angel Investing

Zimmer and Peacock is the World's fastest growing ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of electrochemical biosensors, wearables and IVDs.


As part of our growth strategy ZP is making smart, strategic investments in businesses that are aligned with our strategy and growth.


So far the ZP Group has:


1) Invested in our longest running clients.

2) Helped over five entrepreneurs launch their dream companies.

3) Bought the assets and taken on the staff from struggling companies in our space

4) Licensed multiple technologies from the University Oxford UK.

5) Formed multiple Joint Ventures with a range of clients as part of their go-to-market strategy

The features of a deal that help with the fit between you and ZP are:


1) ZP must be able to add value to your business other than just cash flow, this value could be: our development, our manufacturing, our technology stack, our sales and marketing reach ,new markets for our core competencies.


2) ZP is looking to be part of the supply chain, so your success can be part of our success.


3) ZP may assign Directors to your board to help guide the growth of your business.


4) ZP is able to  invest through: people, technology and financial. When ZP makes a financial investment the entrepreneur has be be able to demonstrate a source of additional funding from: other investors, grants etc.


One of the empowering benefits of a ZP investment/involvement is the possibility of carry the endorsement/licence 'Powered by Zimmer and Peacock'. 


This has enabled businesses to punch above their weight as it demonstrates an approval and/or an involvement from the ZP Group.