BakeSense Application


The BakeSense Application is an application of the Djuli database.


The Djuli database is a cloud database technology for the uploading, storing, sharing, analysing and categorizing of data, from a range of data sources including: electrochemical data to photos,  images, etc.


On this page we discuss the use the BakeSense Application for Djuli.


Step One - Create a Djuli Account

For the BakeSense Application your data and images are stored on the Djuli database, so you will first need a Djuli Account. Please click the Djuli button to go to your account or register for an account.

Step Two - Download the app

Contact ZP for the app.

Step Three - Taking images, photos

Once you have completed Step One and Step Two. You can start to take pictures of the biscuits/cookies. When you take pictures you will be prompted to rank the cookies/biscuits as overcooked, uncooked or cooked. You are essentially training the Djuli database to understand what you consider well backed cookies, over baked cookies and under backed cookies.


An image can be used to train the database by clicking over-cooked, under cooked or cooked.

Step Four - Viewing your data online

You can see your data on our Cloud database login into the Djuli database using the button here. The database is best viewed from a larger screen such as a PC, Chrome notebook or Mac etc.

The BakeSense App is a portal or a conduit for you to take pictures on your smart device and to upload them to your Djuli database. For the application on your smart device to synchronise with your Djuli Account you will log into the smart device app using the username and password that you used when you created your Djuli Account.