Gold PCB electrodes for electrochemical sensors and biosensors

Though many teams talk of using low cost PCB (printed circuit board) fabrication to make gold electrodes for electrochemical sensors and biosensors, the truth is that PCB gold is too imperfect a surface to be used in applications where aqueous samples are in contact with the electrodes.


This problem has been fixed by Macias sensors, who have developed a PCB fabrication technology for gold electrodes where the electrodes act as pristine gold.


In the adjacent image a solution of ferricyanide was tested  using standard PCB fabricated electrodes and Macias Sensors fabricated gold PCBs. It is clear to the electrochemistry community that the Macias Sensors showed a classic behaviour in the ferricyanide solution, where as the standard PCB gold shows just anomalies that are a reflection of the unsuitability of the standard PCB gold to electrochemical sensor and biosensor applications.