Sepsis - University of Rochester wins gold at iGEM 2021

ZP was delighted to sponsor  the team from the University of Rochester who won gold at iGEM2021, the team used the ZP Hyper Value Carbon Screen Printed Electrodes (SPE) to developed a sepsis sensor.


Thank you so much for being a sponsor of our iGEM team, we are very grateful for your help in the development of our sepsis diagnostic device. As the 2021 iGEM competition has now come to a close, I wanted to update you on our results. Our team won a gold medal at the competition and received nominations for Best Diagnostic Project, Best Education, and Best Hardware. With these three nominations and our gold, we are happy to be the second-most-awarded iGEM team in North America! We could not have done this without your help, and we thank you so much for your generosity.