ZP Company Meeting Hackathon

WIN: 250 hours and 5000 Euros to work on your idea


WHEN - On the afternoon of Wednesday 06 October 2021 ZP will be hosting a ZP Company Hackathon, where the overall ZP team will receive pitches from individuals or teams from ZP.


IDEA - The thesis is that the ZP team has the best ideas and so as a company we should be willing to invest in the ideas of the team which align with ZP being the best possible biosensor company we can be.


YOUR IDEA - Ideas are not limited to biosensors, your ideas can be around: sales, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, academic engagement, sustainability, biosensors, biosensor applications, microfluidics, new materials, Cloud computing, apps etc etc etc.

What we would like  is that the pitched ideas will either directly or indirectly increase our revenues or directly or indirectly increase our efficiency.


SCORING CRITERIA - We will score ideas based on SMART

  • SPECIFIC - Is the value proposition you are pitching clear?
  • MEASURABLE - Will we be able to quantify the impact to the business?
  • ATTAINABLE - Within the constraints of 250 hours and 5000 euros can we have a tangible benefit?
  • RELEVANT - Is the idea something that fits within ZP?
  • TIME BASED - is this something we can achieve in a 3 to 6 month period?

WINNERS - There will be the ability for everyone in the meeting to vote, but the judges decision will be final.




  • Register your interest - Register here.
  • It is your decision on whether you scramble a team together, or work alone - we do understand that we haven't given you much time.
  • You need to have a pitch which could include a: presentation, prototypes, models, songs, what ever you think will influence.
  • Prepare a 15 minute pitch to be given at a session starting at 2 PM on the 06 October 2021.



TOGGL CODE - There is not a toggl code for the planning of this pitch, so it is something you have to be passionate about and invest your time into the pitch planning - Good Luck.