Products on the ZP website - Buy and Try

Zimmer and Peacock are the world's largest ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of electrochemical biosensors, IVDs, wearable biosensors, screen printed electrodes, MEMS, BioMEMS and vapor deposited electrodes.


We make sensors, screen printed electrodes, electronics etc available on our website as a service to academics, entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers in order that you can rapidly develop ideas, try out concepts or investigate applications and testing challenging samples.


The products on our website are intended for R&D purposes only, and their use in human and animal application is only with ZP's express permission. 


The products on ZP’s website are intended to allow the developer to answer questions like lifetime, sensitivity, limit of detection, signal stability etc. for the specific applications that are being developed.  We expect that each developer has a very specific sample be it: soil, water, blood, urine, serum, plasma, air, oil, fat, saliva etc. As each sample is different the specifications developed for one application or sample may not necessarily apply to another. There is descriptive data and videos posted on the specific biosensor webpage as a guide.


The webstore offers a convenient way to BUY and TRY, for example a set of electronics for a glucose application can be purchased for less than 300 Euros and two R and D glucose sensors for less than 100 Euros. This means that for many applications the products on the ZP website can provide quick answers to applications in days and weeks as opposed to months and year, which was the case before there was a ZP.


ZP has fully functioning R and D laboratories alongside our manufacturing facilities and so from these R and D Centres we are able to offer advice to clients though our consulting services or we can provide practical R and D services to develop new tech or to explore  new applications.



ZP is an ISO13458 manufacturing company with a full quality system in place and so we are capable of scaling any of the products through our 4000 square meter manufacturing facilities, which we do as the developer determines that ZP’s technology platform is a basis for their products.