Become a ZP On-campus Ambassador

Do you want to be the face of ZP on campus? 


As an ambassador for ZP you'll be in charge of spreading the word about ZP at your campus on what ZP can offer students.


You will gain great technical and commercial skills through your interaction with ZP, and increase your communication skills as you interact with students across campus.



If you impress as a ZP ambassador you will be offered internships and placements with ZP, which can include opportunities to travel.


The time you give ZP as an ambassador will be paid.



Apply today to become a ZP On-campus Ambassador.

You will be the key to unlocking future careers in biosensing.

What does being a ZP On-campus Ambassador mean?


As a ZP On-Campus Ambassador you are responsible for representing ZP on campus and helping faculty and students engage with ZP, including:


★ Use your  creativity to make exciting social media content & videos

★ Promote ZP's  incredible roles

★ Engage students with ZP

★ Building relationships with societies & faculty members

★ Encourage your peers to do their projects with ZP

★ Encourage your peers to intern with ZP

★ Think creatively and act to promote ZP around campus



What do you get?


★ ZP will pay you for your efforts

★ You will build relationships within ZP which can be invaluable in your future carer, internships and placements

★ You will gain invaluable industrial experience that will look great on your CV/resume

★ Grow in confidence



Who we are looking for?


★ We'd love you to be outgoing and social media savvy

★ Able to beat the drum for ZP around campus

★ You will be in your second year or penultimate year of study