Amity University Webinar - Commercialization and Technology of Electrochemical Biosensors for Point of Care Diagnostics – By Zimmer & Peacock AS and USN

EVENT: Amity University, ZP and USN are hosting a joint webinar for members of the Amity University Community on the 19 August 2021.


The use of biosensors in point-of-care (POC) testing devices has attracted considerable attention in the past few years, mainly because of their high specificity, portability, and relatively low cost. Especially during the time of pandemic, research community rapidly moving towards rapid POC detection Coupling these devices with miniaturized electrochemical transducers has shown great potential toward simple, rapid, and cost-effective analysis that can be performed in the field, especially for healthcare, agriculture, environmental monitoring, and food quality control. This webinar will focus on current trends and developments in electrochemical biosensors for POC application. Discussion on most recent advances achieved in POC electrochemical biosensor applications, focusing on new technologies and techniques to improve sensitivity, specificity, stability, and response time.