ZP @Plymouth University- Arts and Humanities Students

Zimmer and Peacock has Digital Design/Animation Placement and Internship Opportunities in the UK and Norway.


Zimmer and Peacock is a world leading biosensor development and manufacturing team located primarily in the UK and Norway, so we have placement opportunities across multiple sites for the right candidates.

Our biosensors are used across a variety of applications from medical devices, precision farming, wearable biosensors and the Internet of Things, making this the perfect opportunity for someone who cares about making a difference to peoples’ lives. At Zimmer and Peacock, we are partnering with academia and industry to ensure that there are enough good and commercially available sensors to meet the requirements of these new and growing markets. We innovate around our collaborators’ inventions to help bring ideas to market.

We are looking for  highly motivated Arts and Humanities students from Plymouth University across a spectrum of disciplines including: Product Design, Animation, Graphic Design, etc., to join our team. You will collaborate with our Marketing team, using a variety of tools, to showcase Zimmer and Peacock and our products across multiple social media platforms. You will also undertake independent working on your designs, posts and presentations for colleagues and clients.


Whilst your academic background is important, we are more interested in you, your attitude and what you can bring to the table than necessarily the courses you have taken so far. 


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