The problem of connectors with screen printed electrodes

Zimmer and Peacock are the only company that wafer maps their off-the-shelf screen printed electrodes before shipping.


Wafer mapping is ZP's process of taking a sample of screen printed electrodes from every manufacturing batch and electrochemically  testing them to ensure they are within specification. This means that our clients find our electrodes both repeatable and of course functional.


It is this testing before shipping  that gives us the confidence in helping clients to trouble shoot their problems; in the adjacent image we show some cyclic voltammetry data gathered by a client, where their actual result was a  long way from our expected result. In this case we were very confident that the problem wasn't the ZP SPE but the client's experimental set-up. In this case the route-cause of their problem was a 'bad' connector.


At ZP we do use the SPE 2.54 mm pitch connector, which is the standard for off-the-shelf SPEs, but not all connectors are made to the same standard, so if you are purchasing a ZP biosensor or ZP SPE we do strongly suggest that you purchase our ZP connector below.