ZP - seeking ambitious clients - ZP-C2

Zimmer and Peacock is reaching out among our existing clients and seeking new ambitious clients to part of our next wave of expansion. 


As we expand into a new facility we can add 4000 square meters on top of our current Norway infrastructure, we are therefore welcoming our clients to potentially co-locate with us as part of our client incubator lab and contract manufacturing. 


The building has have the following amenities:


1) State of the art boardroom for online conference calls and face-to-face meetings.


2) Excellent connectivity to Oslo


3) Lockable Client Offices


4) Cleanrooms


5) ISO13485 Manufacturing Hall


6) Lecture Theatre


7) Laboratory


8) Dedicated Dining Hall


9) Catered Commercial Kitchen


10) Manned Reception

Please contact ZP to explore this opportunity to engage more closely with the World's leading ISO13485 contract developer and manufacturer of electrochemical biosensors and medical diagnostics.