FAQ for interns

At ZP we do recruit and train interns, here are some FAQs that we are sometimes asked.



Is the start date same for all placement holders?

No, the start date varies for different candidates based on a skill-based segregation that we have made post assessment.


Base in Norway and UK?

We have our offices and labs in Horten, Norway.

We have our offices and labs in several locations in UK (Royston, London, Wolverhampton). The location for the candidates’ placement in UK is TBD.


How long would I be working in Norway?

The length of stay will be 3 months at a time alternated between Norway and UK throughout the placement.

The first training round will take place in Norway, wherein you will spend 3 months being trained and working in the Horten labs.

Then you will return to UK and spend the next 3 months working in a lab in the UK.

This cycle will continue through the placement period and the candidate is responsible for figuring out any visa requirements, although we may be able to provide some advice.


What costs will be covered by the company and what costs do we have to cover?

As per our company policy, we will cover only the cost of travel between UK and Norway (Flights, trains, bus, etc.).

All other costs have to be covered by the student. This includes visas, food and accommodation. If the university has a budget for covering this, you may ask or apply for it.


Is there accommodation readily available?

Yes, we will provide accommodation for the placements at a nominal rent.

If for some reason you choose not to stay at the accommodation provided by the company, it will be the candidate’s responsibility to manage their own accommodation.

The accommodation is a unisex (mixed-gender) house-share with individual rooms.


Are there other students that I will be working alongside in this placement?

Yes, there will be other students from your own and other universities working at ZP at the same time as you.


Can I change my start date?

This is not preferable as we will have to swap you over with another candidate, so this will be entertained if the circumstances can be explained and are considered essential.


What are the hours I will be working for?

The normal working hours are 9am-5pm with a break as per the government requirements but you can be requested to stay longer if required on certain days, but not extensively.


We do not offer overtime pay.