Questions about phosphate sensors

In this article we have collected together some frequently asked questions regarding ZP's phosphate sensor.




1. Are your phosphate sensors intended for  agricultural or environmental applications?


Yes, see the ZP Ag Tech button below.


2. What measurement method is used?


See the phosphate sensor button below.



3. What are the LOD and linear range of the sensor?


This is a function of the sensor, electronics and application.


4. Are there any measurement interferences  (solution pH, dissolved oxygen, other Ions, etc.)?


Yes and these are application specific.


5. Would you please send me technical specification for this sensor?


Please see the phosphate sensor button.


6. Do you have any measurement examples to share, in which data from your sensor are compared to data from classical measurement methods?


See the ZP Ag Tech button below.


7. What are the calibration requirements?


Depends on the final application.



8. What is a sensor's response time?



Please see ZP's phosphate sensor button below.