Questions regarding glucose sensors

We had some questions regarding glucose sensors from ZP, which are summarized here ...


Question 1 - What is the lifespan of this sensor?


Answer 1 - The answer to this question depends on whether you are referring to shelf-life or operational life.

We are linking to our main glucose sensor page below as it includes the datasheet which contains a lot of information and also on the page we have data showing the sensor in continuous operation for 48 hours.


Question 2 - Do I need to follow any maintenance or safety protocols while using this sensor or after the sensor usage?


Answer 2 - The sensors are intended to be used in a laboratory setting so good laboratory practice (GLP) should be followed, and personal protective equipment (PPE) as prescribed by your laboratory safety officer should be worn in your lab. Viewing the videos above should help. In addition there is  a comment regarding safety in the data sheet available on the main glucose sensor page. The sensors can be rinsed after use for storage, please see the button below.

Question 3 - Please tell me some analytical data regarding the sensor:

  • Linearity interval
  • LoD
  • LoQ
  • Operation stability

Answer 3